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The Accu-Steer PS7 system is a hydraulic power steering system that was designed to provide marine vessel operators with easier or assisted steering while operating their vessel.

In the power steering mode the PS7 system senses both the oil flow from the helm pump and the direction of that flow. The PS7 system activates a hydraulic reversing pump which pumps oil in the same direction as the helm pump. This operation assists the helm in moving the vessel’s rudder especially for heavy or hard to steer applications. When the operator stops turning the helm pump, the PS7 system senses the lack of movement and stops the hydraulic reversing pumpset.

FEATURES:  Accepts non-follow-up jog lever input to allow jog steering • Accepts steering input from an existing autopilot • Use as the hydraulic pump for new autopilot installations with the added advantage of power steering • The PS7 Power Steering System can be supplied in three pump sizes: PS7-05 (up to 6 cu in), PS7-11 (up to 14 cu in), PS7-17 (up to 22 cu in)

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